So Apple’s latest offering is the iPad. Mmmm. Not so sure that an A4-ish size iPhone/iTouch is something that anyone really needs. I’m sure it will be a well made piece of kit and will perform well too, as most of Apple’s recent offerings do, but will it really sell? After all the only benefit I can see for a device of this size is the ability to view a magazine size page and being able to download and view lots of magazines or newspapers on one device.

Seems like its just another “must have gadget” rather than a genuinely useful tool. I reckon it’s too big to be a portable book/magazine/newspaper reader and there are smaller higher capacity devices for playing music and video on. For this type of device to catch on there will really need to be a technological breakthrough (graphene?) that makes thinner more flexible devices available – the kind of technology that would allow you to roll your touch-screen tablet up and stick it in a pocket. Then you’d have a must have gadget worth having.


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