I’m sure lots of people are aware of the Bible Code phenomenon – the idea that meaningful messages are encoded in the text of the Bible. You know, the idea that you take a page of text place all the letters in a matrix (minus the spaces and punctuation) and then you look for a meaningful word amidst the letters. If you find one, you then look for another meaningful word related to and appearing near or across the first word. Find a second and look for a third, etc. If you’ve found a message you’ll come up with something (and BTW I’m making this something up) along the lines of “twin towers from the sky struck down” or something equally Yoda-esque.

These codes have (retrospectively) been used to show that the Bible predicts things like Hitler’s rise, nuclear wars, earthquakes, etc.

It’s all baloney, of course, being a product of coincidence as you can pull the same trick with any book or other block of text as demonstrated by a recent post on Science, Reason and Critical Thinking.


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