Peter Gabriel’s much mentioned album of cover versions Scratch My Back is due for release by Virgin on 15th February. It sounds like an interesting take on a set of songs from a wide range of artists (David Bowie, Paul Simon, Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, Randy Newman, etc.) so it very much looks like one to add to the collection.


One thought on “Scratch

  1. hi Alex,

    you might be interested in the Coverville podcast which I came across recently via the iTunes store, a nicely done ‘radio programme’ featuring interesting cover versions, sometimes random, sometimes on a theme or artist. They tend to be good, or at least interesting, versions, avoiding the gimmicky on the whole. The December podcasts include ‘chart of the year’ progs, which are perhaps a little to mellow to be representative, but I’ve enjoyed these podcasts, and they’ve also got ‘section marks’ (don’t know the proper name for this), which I haven’t come across before, which means I can ‘skip’ onto the next track.

    Re PG, I remember I had a rather good version by him of Strawberry Fields Forever on a double album of Beatles cover versions, All This And World War Two, a soundtrack album which as far as I can work out isn’t available on CD.

    Best wishes,

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