Holy Wars

There’s a lot of noise cropping up across the interweb about rifle sights which are used by the US military and have been inscribed with references to biblical texts by the manufacturer.

Apparently the references are very subtle, reported to take the form of some extra characters added after the serial number, but they are causing great concern because of the potential implications. The rifle sights are being used by US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan so the worry is that the biblical references could be used as propaganda to infer that the US troops are just as religiously fundamental as their enemies. Such propaganda would encourage the likes of the Taliban to become even more determined leading to an ever bloodier conflict. That is certainly something to be avoided.

What really gets me about the whole thing though is that the rifle sight manufacturer, Trijicon, was founded by a “devout Christian” and is run according to “Biblical standards”.

As the company makes and sells a product designed to make killing another human being from a distance easier, I assume we’re talking Old Testament standards. It was, after all, the OT version of god who was keenest on smiting, vengeance, genocide and other forms of wrathful and otherwise unpleasant behaviour. Isn’t the NT version supposed to be an overall nicer and fluffier one? Whatever, I really don’t imagine that Jesus would be too chuffed to hear his teachings were being used to improve the chances of the combatants in a war no matter how holy, or unholy. Or a meringue?


The following all have more to say on the matter:

I’m sure there will be many others with more to add.


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