If there is any truth in the statistic that on average each adult in Scotland is drinking the equivalent of 46 bottles of Vodka a year, I want to know who the hell is drinking my share?!?!?

Seriously though, I kind of doubt that this is a genuinely accurate statistic. A bottle of Vodka for every adult every week? Not likely. I’m sure many people in Scotland who drink just drink occasionally. Many others will have a binge every now and again on special occasions. etc. And of course, there will be many, many Scottish adults who don’t drink at all. So allowing for these exceptions for this statistic to hold true, you’d have to assume that hardened drinkers are drinking a hell of a lot more, possible twice as much as is suggested. Which makes it even less likely – at that level of consumption they’d no longer be a problem for anyone though we might need bigger cemeteries.

The presence of a quote from Nicola Sturgeon in this article suggests that the numbers are being spun rather wildly here in order to bolster the Scottish National Puritan party’s ill-thought out minimum price for alcohol strategy.

There is a drinking problem in Scotland but a minimum price will not address it. You need to provide real help for the people who can be seen stepping out of the off license at 10:01 a.m. rather than just upping the price of their drug of choice. And you are going to have to up the price of alcohol to one hell of a high minimum to discourage those who can afford to hit the clubs and binge every weekend. If the price of alcohol, which I don’t think is anything like 70% lower in relative cost (more damn lies), goes up that much then I foresee a sudden resurgence in the rum-running trade. Pehaps I’ll change my name to Al Capone.


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