I wondered how long it would be before some religious clown would come out and claim that the tragedy unfolding in Haiti was the result of some fatuous transgression against a god. Needless to say Pat Robertson, American tv evangelist and narrow-minded fool, wasted no time leaping to the fore as reported by The Freethinker. In the confines of his tiny mind, the Haitians once made a pact with Satan in order to free themselves from French rule. According to Robertson, it is as a result of this pact that Haiti has remained the poorer half of Hispaniola and has now been ravaged by an earthquake.

I really struggle at times to understand the mindset of people like Robertson. He professes a deep faith in a loving and forgiving god and yet that same god is implicated in the extremely harsh punishment of some of the world’s poorest and most disadvantaged people. Robertson may not have directly stated that the earthquake is a show of his psycho-gods wrath but who else is going to get into such a strop with people who allegedly made a pact with the devil – or has Robertson forgotten that in his religion’s doctrine the devil is a fallen angel who rebelled against god?

I’m sure that Pat Robertson, his organisation and other believers will offer their prayers and supply aid to the Haitian earthquake’s victims. We non-believers will offer aid too. I just wish that those like Pat Robertson would cut the religion from the equation, or at the very least stop for a moments thought before letting their lips flap.

You can read more about some of Robertson’s ill-considered outpourings here.


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