Four Celts Out, Only One In (So Far)

At last, Gary Caldwell’s off to join Wigan. In recent times, he became too much of a liability at the back and was responsible for more than a few defensive slips which led to conceded goals. He certainly is not worth the £20k or so per week he was rumoured to be demanding under a new contract. I don’t know much about his replacement, Jos Hooiveld, but I’m sure he’ll improve the Celtic defence. Wigan will probably not be so lucky.

Also, it’s no surprise that WGS, now at Middlesbroughhas signed Barry Robson, Willo Flood and Chris Killen. They were players that he signed when he was at Celtic and, with the exception of Robson, they haven’t played much under Tony Mowbray. The departure of Barry Robson should give the likes of Niall McGinn and Paddy McCourt a chance to play regularly in the first team’s midfield but Flood and Killen’s departures perhaps won’t make much difference.

No doubt there will be more twisting and turning during the transfer window and I’m sure any players that are brought in will work hard at the club. However what Celtic really need to do is ensure that the strikers start scoring more goals. Chances are being carved out again and again and again but the ball is not finding its way into the net often enough. If Tony Mowbray can crack that little problemo then it will be game on for Celtic’s title challenge this year.


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