Shock horror! Rage Against The Machine said they wouldn’t swear on live radio during a performance of Killing In The Name  and then did it anyway. What did the producers at Radio 5 Live expect? How naive can they possible be? Had none of them ever listened to the song before? Or bothered to read the lyrics?

The final refrain of the song, as written and performed for 17 years, repeats the line “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!” and I’ve no doubt that when performing it live, Zack de la Rocha, mixes things up a bit on the swear word front.

So again, what where the producers expecting?

The political sentiment expressed by acts like RATM is far nearer reality than the sanitized, squeaky clean, utterly banal and soul-less world of The X Factor. I’m sure the majority of people tuning in to hear RATM live on the radio realise that and were probably more offended when the performance was faded out.

It would indeed be funny if RATM stole the Christmas number one slot from The X Factor winner – there have been too many years in a row of that pap already, thank you very much!

PS Oh noes. George Michael’s been at it too! Whatever is the world coming to?


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