Here’s a round-up of some headline stories I read on the interweb today:

Minimum alcohol pricing plan will be blocked – the Scottish Nanny Party’s move to introduce a minimum price per unit of alcohol is to be knocked back due to lack of support from the other parties. A minimum price for unit is not a smart solution as it penalises those of us who drink sensibly and completely fails to address the issue of why people drink in the first place. I suspect that those who drink to excess will keep doing so despite any minimum price.

Iraq inquiry to focus on Bush-Blair relationship – and so it should! They’re the ones who took us to war based on fairly scant intelligence and they’re the ones who’ve cleared off leaving others to pick up the pieces. How much of the decision to go to war was determined by the need to keep Britain’s special friendship with the US intact?

Who pays and who gains from carbon offsetting? – a fair question and something I’ve often wondered about. This business of paying extra to offset the carbon cost of your flight sounded to me like a scam from the, erm, offset! The idea is that an airline charges you a few quid extra per flight to push the reduction in emissions that they should be making onto an energy project somewhere else. Mmm, call me cynical but that sounds like a steaming great pile of horse manure! Especially as it appears that airlines are trading in carbon offset credits whose price goes up and down with the market!?! Yet another piece of sleight of hand where we cough up money, a multinational gets a little bit fatter and the world’s climate gets ever more screwed up!

Soul-Searching in Turkey After a Gay Man Is Killed – in a Muslim honour killing! Can anyone at all, anywhere on this planet explain how there is any honour involved in this story of a father who travelled 600 miles to shoot his gay son to death? The answer: NO! YOU CAN’T. This is just another example of religion inspiring bigotry and stupidity.

And finally, on a lighter note – Street pays tribute to Mr Benn. Not the adulation of a former MP (or even a current one) by the cast of Coronation Street, but the laying of an engraved paving slab in recognition of the cartoon character and his creator.


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