I see that the gutless “Supreme” Court have given the greedy banks (charges apparently account for as much as a third of their retail revenue) license to continue fleecing the public with unfair overdraft charges.

Seems fairly typical of the upside-down and generally screwed up way in which this country works.

The banks get into massive debt by taking utterly foolish risks over mortgage lending and they are bailed out with the public’s money. A couple of them are secretly given even more of the public’s money because they still can’t get their shabby act together- I just don’t believe Alistair Darling’s assertion that the secret loan involved no cost to the public (where the hell did he magic an extra £61.6 billion from?!?!). And now they’re being allowed to take even more of our money!

I think the banks have just become far too big and carry to much muscle for any government to fully rein them in. This government certainly seems set on kowtowing to the banks despite talk of making them disclose how many of their employees earn over £1 million and talk of reckless bankers having their bonuses cut.

That’s all just smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand to distract the public and make us think the government is looking out for us. What bullshit! The reality is that the government and these other organisations are just looking out for themselves.


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