There’s a post on the freethinker about an Australian Senator, Nick Xenophon, who has been laying into those loopy Scientologists and been accused of fascism in return. All I have to say is, “Well done, Mr Xenophon!”. Scientology is a joke (Xenu) and it’s adherents are victims who are being conned out of vast sums of cash and otherwise duped with nonsense about thetans, e-meters and auditing. The sooner their sect is accepted as such and dismantled the better.

According to the Guardian article by Marina Hyde mentioned in the freethinker post, the dismantling of Scientology is well underway thanks to the interweb. A little bit of a Google will show you just how ridiculous the ideas behind Scientology are and btw dressing them up as religion is no protection from those with the sense to see through the bullshit. You may be entitled to believe what you want but if you believe in something that is patently absurd, expect to be called to account for it.

Remember, the interweb sees all!


PS Apparently Keith Porteous Wood shot the pope!



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