Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be

Yet another example of how crappy religion can be!

Killing a young woman with a hail of rocks because she allegedly committed adultery, despite already being divorced, clearly underlines the depressing consequence of clinging to the idiot rules of stone-age superstition.

What the hell kind of sick monster do people who interpret religious dogma in this fashion worship? What value does a religion that can be interpreted in this way really have apart from as a tool for imposing one’s will through fear? Do these people really think, even the depths of their deepest delusion, that such behaviour is a passage into paradise? If this kind of brutality is the mark of the religiously devout I can’t help but agree with the late Bon Scott that “Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be”.

And by the way, the other Abrahamic religions aren’t always that much better! Witness the case of the Rabbi and alleged drug-dealer who offered cocaine in exchange for sex.


I do know, by the way, that not everyone of faith behaves so despicably. But the number that do is just far too high.


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