Bye, Bye, Burley?

The following series of headlines greeted me when I turned to Google Reader this morning:

Burley Under Threat

Usually a football manager gets a few days, or even a week’s, grace between the announcement that says his position is safe and the one reporting his likely sacking. Looks like George Burley only deserves 8 hours!

Or does he?

I had to wonder, as I clicked through to find that both headlines linked to the same article, which doesn’t seem to imply a threat that dismissal is, in fact, imminent.

Bet then I found this item, Burley set to lose Scotland post (which I guess the later RSS entry should have linked to), does suggest that it’s not looking too good for Mr. Burley.

Which is rather fitting because that’s how Scotland have been looking (NOT TOO GOOD!!!) for long enough!

I think it is time for a new Scotland manager.

But, of course, even that won’t help unless the player’s get their act together as well.


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