Sorry, But Who Is Stupid?

Mmmm, so staff at stores such as PC World and Currys have been swapping stories about “stupid” gadget shoppers on Facebook.

I reckon they won’t have swapped half as many stories as consumers who have branded staff at PC World and Currys as being stupid. In my experience, staff in these places are a combination of stupid, smug and full of s**t!

My advice to them is check to see if the customer is an IT professional before trying to show off a limited knowledge of the computer your trying to flog. I’ve lost count of the number of times some wannabe knowitall in PC World has tried to bamboozle me with blurb about the latest in laptops, external hard-drives, broadband routers, wireless routers, etc, etc.

That said, as an IT professional, it can be enormous fun letting them blabber on before pulling the rug out from under them. The difficulty lies in not slapping them as well.



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