I should really have gone to Sounds In The Grounds this year, if only to sample the Avante Gaelic Obscurist Folk Rock delights that were on offer:

Outstanding stuff!


One thought on “Airidhbruach

  1. Hi Alex,

    I was on the island at the time – saw your folks in the distance at the castle graduation, I was there because my brother was graduating (again) – but didn’t go.

    I’m just getting round to inviting people – my tiny band of readers – to have access to my now-private blog. If you’re interested, email me on the address I’ve entered above and I’ll send an invite to that address (Any address I have for you may be out of date). No worries if not.

    Best wishes,

    ps I read John Macleod’s book on the Iolaire while I was up. It’s well worth reading, although you may have to pretend it’s been written by some other John Macleod to appreciate it fully…

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