Pay Per View

I don’t think much of Rupert Murdoch’s latest scheme to scrape up more cash by charging folks to read news content on teh interweb. There are too many free sources of news for that to ever work.

I can see why folk in the financial world might be willing to pay a subscription for up-to-the-second content from the likes of the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal. But why would anyone pay to access an online version of The Sun?!? Surely folk only buy the paper version as a cheap alternative to toilet paper – “soft, strong and thoroughly absorbent” as Catpain Edmund Blackudder once remarked. So what could an online version possibly have to offer?

Of course, I haven’t bought an actual newspaper for years (I much prefer actual toilet paper) as they all tend to be full of sensationalised media speculation and populist claptrap. Well, that or cheap propaganda and bad advertising.



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