I noticed recently that the Met Office are getting a bit of stick because the “barbecue summer” they apparently predicted has not arrived. It seems lots of people made plans based on this predication and are a little ticked off because they’ve been unable to satisfy those plans.


The Met Office made a prediction for hot sunny weather.

A prediction may be given with more certainty and authority than a forecast but it’s still nothing more than a best guess given current information. And, as we all know and complain about regularly, the UK weather changes faster than a traffic light. So what the hell are people playing at?!? The Met Office can barely get a three day forecast right. Why would any sensible person make plans around a bit of guess work that extends over three months! Even if it is dressed in the upmarket guise of a prediction!!

That’s the equivalent of trying to live your life according to the vague generalisations of an astrologer’s horoscope.


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