How exactly do you defend your honour by dowsing someone in acid? And by stabbing your victim in the back?

How can anyone who practices such barbaric acts claim that their religion is one of peace and love?

Why do others who practice the same religion allow this kind of horror to continue unchecked?

Attempting to kill someone who was seen in the presence of a female member of your family is not honourable. It is cowardly and shameful. If you believe that your religion gives you the right to behave in this manner then you are an ass and your religion is nothing but a psychopath’s manifesto.

Of course this kind of behaviour is not specific to any one religion as the treatment of Giordano Bruno (to name but one) demonstrates.

What is it about religion’s (especially the Catholics) and burning anyway? Is it not enough that you believe people will burn in hell for eternity?!?!?


(See also – The Freethinker)


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