Judgement Or Devilry?

There was some pretty crappy weather here in the islands yesterday and the forecast for the weekend looks more than a little shabby. Cats and dogs will be queuing up for parachutes.

Also, the MV Isle Of Lewis has hit some mechanical problems – something to do with an engine exhaust failure. So the MV Isle Of Arran is steaming this way to stand in. It’s a smaller vessel so there may have to be two sailings this Sunday to compensate and help clear the backlog.

The wisecracks about acts of god and divine intervention have already started – both Reporting Scotland and North Tonight had segments featuring a god-related remark.

Obviously the engine fault is nothing to do with the intervention of some spiteful deity – except in the minds of those who see fear and alarm behind everything (such as the Ayatollah Rev Angus Smith). No doubt someone will make an announcement along those lines soon.

The same will no doubt happen if the rain forecast for this weekend is as heavy as predicted. I have to confess to a tweet suggesting that we don’t need an ark because we now have a Sunday ferry. But I’m sure more sincere remarks about judgement from on high will  follow.

For my part I reckon that the predicted rain could just as well be the act of some maniac devil, determined to ensure there’s plenty of water around for the Sunday ferry to sail upon.

Divine judgement or mischevious devilry? Sounds like a dead heat in a contest of the absurd!


Or should that be:



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