Hit Or Myth

I see that the LDOS are planning a mass protest to oppose Sunday sailings – yawn. I also note that a staggering 230 folk turned up for their annual rally – wow! I’m surprised that the town hall roof didn’t blow off with that much hot air to contain.

I also note with some amusement that the Rev. I. D. Campbell used the word “evidence” when wittering on about whether or not there is mass support for a Sunday ferry. How typical. There is evidence that some locals support Sunday sailings. There is evidence that other locals are against Sunday sailings. What is not known is exactly how much support either side has. That is a matter that could easily be remedied if our local council had the decency to conduct a proper referendum on the matter. And it needs to be a proper referendum of the anonymous kind, you know, where people are allowed to vote freely, not a petition because petitions don’t really count – a petition is just a list of people who support your view. You may well have a petition with some 3,700 names on it but it tells you nothing about the view of the 20,000+ local people who have not signed it!

Returning to the matter of evidence…

Isn’t it funny how the likes of the Rev. I. D. Campbell demand evidence only when it suits them? There may be a question mark over the amount of evidence for or against Sunday sailings but evidence of support clearly exists. There is no evidence at all to support the existence of the supernatural being whose tradition the LDOS are so keen to preserve. So my challenge to them is: having made the claim that god exists and that he (she/it) wants us to observe Sunday as his (her/its) sabbath, produce the evidence (proper scientic evidence mind, not just anecdotes and testimonials) to support that claim. Bet you can’t do it.

For that matter, can the reverend produce any evidence to support his assertion that:

There’s a real myth that better transport links bolster a local economy. They can actually diminish it.

I’m going to stick my neck out here and bet that he can’t do that either!


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