Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

I’m sorry but Rev. D. S. Fraser would appear to be lacking a marble or three!

In a letter to Hebrides News, he seems to be implying that god will exact some form of punishment should the ferry begin sailing on Sundays. He refers to the last time that Sunday sailings occurred (during the 70s) and how “virtually every service was dislocated by vessel break-downs.” He also recollects that “[f]inally, the MV Loch Seaforth ran aground with the company chairman and managing director on board” before wrapping up his brief epistle with the assertion that:

There is a price to pay (“in this life and that which is to come”) for transgressing God’s laws needlessly.

I take this to imply that the god in quesion will exact some form of punishment if CalMac proceed with their proposal to introduce Sunday sailings.

This makes me wonder what century the Rev. Fraser thinks he is living in. It also makes me question whether or not his god is one that anyone could possibly have any faith in. I mean, who will this god punish over the Sunday sailings issue? CalMac? Members of the public who use the service? Innocent children traveling because their parents decided Sunday was the best day to go away on or come back from a family holiday?

Alternatively, is this some subconcious admission that the problems that beset the Loch Seaforth were the result of sabotage by those whose protests were ignored?

Or is the Rev. Fraser just a figment of someone’s imagination.

Hopefully, it’s the latter. The possibilty of sharing an island with people who are that fundamental kind of alarms me!


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