Stirring The Sunday Sailing Pot

Excellent! I see from a slew of headlines on Hebrides News that the LDOS are working themselves into a zealous fervor over CalMac’s latest position regarding Sunday sailings.

I also note that Philip Maclean (a local councillor) is fanning those flames by stating that the Council’s policy of closing the Sports Centre on Sunday is also in breach of the Equalities Act. Way to go, that man!

For what it’s worth, the LDOS do not represent anyone other than themselves. They are a minority (albeit a vocal one) with regressive views and a philosophy mired in a past that I’m not sure ever existed. I believe they are well out of touch with local opinion as I have spoken to lots of people who support Sunday sailings and would have no problem using such a service – including many members of the religious community. Others say they have no problem with the service being made available to those who want to use it even if they wouldn’t themselves.

I also believe that, despite the spin being attempted by the likes of the LDOS, it is a breach of everyone’s human rights to be denied access to a service out of respect for the religious belief of others. Especially as there are already Sunday sailings on the following Western Isles routes:

  • Barra (Oban – Castlebay)
  • Sout Uist (Oban – Lochboisdale)
  • North Uist (Uig – Lochmaddy)
  • Barra and Eriskay
  • North Uist and Harris (Berneray – Leverburgh)

Check CalMac’s timetables for more info on these! Or if you don’t believe that Sunday sailings already exist!

These communities are all represented by the same council as Lewis & Harris so how can it be legitimate for that council to operate two different standards within its constituency? Clearly, in respect of equality and fairness, the councils stance is not legitimate.

Is it right for some to be denied easy travel to and from mainland UK when others within of the Western Isles community are granted that right? Is it right that a bunch of so called – yes, so called – Christians should be allowed to dictate what other people can and can’t do?

No, it isn’t.

Although a vocal critic of religion I do not demand that believers abandon their faith and accept my argument that there is no god. If you want to go to church on Sunday (or any other day), sing hymns, pray, read from your bible, or slaughter goats and chickens before dancing around naked smeared in blood and feathers for that matter then that is up to you. Just keep your beliefs and traditions to yourself. If other people want to travel freely on a Sunday do the decent, human thing and let them get on with it. That way you might just gain a modicum of respect rather than anger and resentment.


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