Out Of Order

Just how arrogant are the members of the UK Parliament?

How stupid do they think that we, the public are?

All this fuss over the actions of the Speaker of the House in respect of the expenses scandal is just a rather pathetic attempt at political chicanery. They are just trying to divert the public’s attention away from their own wrong-doing and the fact that far too many of them have made expenses claims that were not:

wholly, exclusively and necessarily incurred from the purpose of performing [their] Parliamentary duties

Every one of them has been at it to some extent and every one of them is at fault. Every member who has made a questionable expense claim, however small, has let down his/her constituents and every one of them needs to accept blame. They can shout about it being the fault of a bad system, that it is the Speaker’s fault, or that Gordon Brown is to blame, until the roof of the house falls down around them. But by doing so they are just making themselves look all the more foolish and all the more guilty. They also do the voting public a great dis-service for which they will inevitably pay come the revolution, come the glorious day when they’ll all be lined up against the wall and shot … well, at least come the next election.

Earlier this morning I watched a Lib-Dem MP (can’t remember her name) going on about how the Speaker is incapable of doing his job as he represents the old system and that the dignity of the house cannot be restored until he has gone. What a lot of bollocks! And how insulting! The only way to restore the dignity of the house is for the whole damn lot of them to be de-selected by their parties and for a new batch to be elected under a reformed and more transparent system.

The Speaker of the House has not done a good job of handling this affair but his performance has been no worse than the rest of a corrupt house. Over the last 20 years or so British politics has been beset by scandal after scandal, outbreak after outbreak of sleaze and corruption – irrespective of who held the reins of power. Hopefully we have now hit the bottom of the pit (it’s hard to see how things could sink any lower) but the question remains over whether the house can be returned to order. Simply ditching the current Speaker will not achieve that!


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