Not Fully Human?

So according to Cardinal Cormac O’Murphy, I am not fully human.

How charming.

I like what PZ Myer’s has to say about this latest Catholic blunder:

There is a temptation to agree with them, I’m afraid: the idea that I’m a post-human mutant bestowed with the super-powers of reason and the ability to see through superstition is flattering. But it’s not true. Everyone has those powers, it’s just that some of us have had the good fortune and a history of experience that allows us to shake off some indoctrination. Nothing more.

Very true.

I thing that being human is not about what you believe. It’s about who you are and what you do. It’s about thinking for yourself and not being blindly led. It’s also about how you treat others and by that standard alone the Cardinal falls far short of the mark.

Because of this and other remarks he has made, I feel he also falls far short of the mark required of a peer. That’s why I’ve signed the petition against him being elevated to the peerage.

I urge everyone else to think long and hard about whether someone who is so inhumanely dismissive of those of us who do not share his beliefs deserves such elevation.


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