Sunday Ferries Are Go!

Yes! It looks as if there is an enourmous amount of WIN headed this way!

According to Hebrides News: Controversial Sunday ferries timetabled for Lewis and Harris

Some form of celebration is in order!

Those that don’t like the idea don’t have to use them but I bet that within a matter of months of the service starting, you’ll see the odd sabbath-day-observer slinking on board.


One thought on “Sunday Ferries Are Go!

  1. But how will we spot them……are they the ones with fire and brimstone or just with their children sitting quietly lest they make a joyous sound on Lord’s Day……(how can churches with no bells,no music and such rigidity running through it be so blind to reality)….This Island is temporarily crippled by engine failure of I.V Lewis (dedicated vessel Stornoway/Ullapool) and can only imagine how patience will evaporate over a wet/hectic difficult weekend……21st Century problems I guess…..RJG

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