Biometric Babble

So David Blunkett has made a u-turn over ID cards, then. Now he says that the UK should focus on the issue of mandatory biometric passports and that this will be cheaper for the UK because the bulk of the cost will be borne by the passport applicant – i.e. Joe Public, you and me!

What a twat!!!

My recent experience suggests that the UK’s passport rules should be flushed down the toilet along with the rest of our crap! The bureaucracy that swamps the current passport application process makes it pratically impossible for any normal person to comply with it. You have to leap through hoops that a performing circus animal would balk at and that’s before the hoops have been set on fire! And then you have to find a countersignatory who has to be selected from an approved group that is so small that finding someone suitable requires the assistance of a cartoon magnifying glass.

When I spoke to the passport help line thingy recently, their rep was pleasant enough and tried to be helpful but ultimately wasn’t. The rep couldn’t solve my problem and just directed me to check a web page that it turned out I had already looked at.

Apparently this system is in place to guard against fraud, you know, to stop people applying under false pretences. Because, of course, those kinds of people are actually going to send in a passport application. They’re not going to use any from of criminal underground to obtain a forged passport, or have it provided by their terror network, are they? No, of course not, that sort of thing only happens in books by Tom Clancy or Gerald Seymour!!!

So what the hell is going to happen if we’re all forced to apply for a mandatory biometric passport?

Well, nothing other than business as usual for the incompetents that run the country and it’s various agencies. Sorry, did I say business, I meant CHAOS!!!


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