The Bright Side Of Death

Always look on the bright side of death,
Just before you draw your terminal breath.

Sang the assembled Monty Python cast as they hung around on their crosses during the closing scenes of Life Of Brian. And The Freethinker has a piece about the growing tendency to replace hymns with pop songs at funerals.

I don’t expect I’d be allowed a religious funeral even if I wanted one and I certainly wouldn’t want hymns to be sung by my mourners – not even ones that are considered uplifting. So I started thinking about the music I would like to be played when my time comes.

First to mind is Comfortably Numb from The Wall by Pink Floyd.

Or how about (tongue firmly in cheek) some of these:

And finally, to raise the biggest groan, how about:

  • Waiting For The Worms by Pink Floyd.



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