Dwindling Fortunes

Yesterday, I had a pop at the shallowness of the British public. Today it’s the media who suck (no news there) for wasting air space on celebrity-obsessed culture.

It is being reported that some music celebrities are seeing their fortunes dwindle. So bloody what!!! I mean Elton John must be suffering real hardship (NOT!!!) now that his worth has fallen from £235 million to £175 million. And poor, poor Sir Paul McCartney whose worth has absolutely plummeted (again – NOT!!!) from £500 million to £440 million.

This kind of crap is not news worthy. Not even as a weak sop to try and make those of us who are really being hammered by the recession feel better. People who have lost jobs and are struggling to make ends meet are the real news stories. Why they hell should we feel sorry for celebrities who have lost millions but still have many millions (sometimes hundreds of millions) more than the rest of us?


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