The Barbie & Ken Society

There’s a rather nice collection of Barbie & Ken pictures shown on a BBC page that asks the question Which face is the odd one out?

The answer we’re all supposed to give is, of course, Susan Boyle.

And the fact that so many people did just that when Susan Boyle appeared on Britain’s Got A Shallow Fascination With Beautiful Celebrities, because she failed to fit the celebrity mold, indicates just how pathetic we are.

I think that Simon Cowell values looks over ability and that Piers Morgan is hardly a good arbiter of taste. I don’t know who the female judge is – though her resemblance to Barbie is uncanny – but I assume she was there to represent the celebrity side of the talent equation. As “successful” celebrities their collective reaction to Susan Boyle’s appearance and personality were all too predictable (she doesn’t look like we do, so she can’t have any ability) but I didn’t expect to see so many members of the audience follow their moronic lead.

I’m pleased to note that Susan Boyle’s performance has created such a stir and that so many people have since watched it on YouTube. I don’t watch these gash reality tv/hunt for a star type programmes as a general principle – if I want to watch crap there’s a field with some cows in it not far from where I live – so I watched teh YouTube version. The lady can sing and, though clearly uncomfortable at first, she gave a very impressive performance so hats off to her.

Perhaps now the likes of Cowell and co will slink off into the blackness from which they came and stop dragging us down to their level. Then maybe we can start thinking about substance rather than plastic veneer.

Runaway Winner, Susan Boyle: 10 points

Bubbling Under, Shallow British Public: -10 points


2 thoughts on “The Barbie & Ken Society

  1. So true, so true. And it’s not just in Britain, as a member of the US I can tell you that our west coast pretty much wrote the book on shallow, and it’s spreading faster than you can imagine. But either way, good for Susan Boyle.

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