Expenses Reform

I note with wry amusement that, according to this Guardian article about reforming MPs expenses, that David Cameron has said that a proposed daily allowance will lead to:

a sign on and bugger off system

How exactly is that different to the system that is currently operating?

It seems to me that all MPs – Labour, Tory, Lib Dem, SNP, etc., etc. – are already working to some kind of sign in and bugger off system. None of them seem to be doing anything constructive or helpful to their constituents. Every time one of them speaks it is to rubbish what someone else as said. They all grab every scrap of expense money that they can and not one of them seems to be entirely accountable for their finances. Then come election time they tell us what we want to hear, promise us the world and then deliver, well, bugger all!

To put it simply, they are taking the rest of us for a ride.

Why not just build a bloody great bunk house somewhere in London – there must be a disused slice of waste ground that would do – and make the MPs stay there when they’re at Westminster. They could all have a room with a nice little cot, a wardrobe and a desk. Costs could be cut by having washrooms and toilets on each floor – they don’t deserve anything en suite. They could use public transport to get to and from parliament and have a cheap and cheerful canteen serving only healthy option meals.

The bunk house and other facilities could easily be paid for by cutting their salaries down to something more on par with what the rest of us earn. They could then stay there rent free.

As a result none of them would need second mortgages, extra furnishings, tvs, moving expenses, or anything else. Instead they could just get on with actually doing what we’ve elected them to do.


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