Apparently the pope has been distorting the truth about how condoms can be used effectively to curtail the spread of the HIV/AIDS virus. Therein lies the danger of giving ill-informed, over-dressed clowns a voice on the world’s stage.

On the subject of which, I also not that the UK’s most prominent religious spokesman has revealed that we should not expect his god to deliver us from the ravages of climate change. No surprise there – after all that particular deity’s record on intervention is, well, non-existent (rather like the deity in question).

Unlike the pope, the archbishop does have a point. Our own actions have contributed greatly to the threat we now face from climate change. So it is up to us to mend our ways and do what we can to redress the balance – there is no-one else we can blame or turn to in the hope of a solution, or salvation. With that in mind if the archbishop’s words encourage some of his flock take action about climate change then he deserves some kudos (though not too much).


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