Hand Over Fist

The longer the smug, scumball banker row rumbles on, the clearer it becomes that Fred The Shred is the wrong nickname for the git.

He should have been named Fred The Shrewd!

After all he as not only managed to net himself a pension of something around £13,000 per week but has also grabbed a tax free cash advance worth £4.5 million – because RBS are paying the tax bill on his behalf. That’s on top of all the money he ‘earned’ by axing staff and spending other people’s money on toxic debts.

I’m sure there are criminal masterminds and gangland bosses out there wishing they’d come up with a money-making deal like that.

Of course, with that kind of front you could just call him Fred The Crook and have done with it.

The other question that screams out at you from all this is how the hell can RBS justify paying Goodwin’s tax bill? RBS would not exist but for the massive injection of tax payer’s cash that it has received. Perhaps the UK government needs to follow the US government’s lead as they force AIG to repay the bonuses paid out to it’s criminally negligent contigent.

I really don’t think that the banking world has learned anything from the current financial crises.

And I wonder if the rest of us have really learned anything about the bank’s attitude to us!


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