Awkward Questions

If evidence were ever needed that parents can be at fault for the way in which they bring up their kids it can be found in that some parents have complained about the presence of a one-handed presenter on CBeebies. Apparently this is making life difficult for the poor things because their children are asking them awkward questions about the presenter.

Oh, dear, isn’t life hard.

Fact of life: kids are curious about the world that they live in and want to know what is going on so they ask questions. They don’t know (or really care) if the question is awkward or if it embarrasses their parents, they’re just trying to understand something that is new and different to them.

If we as parents dodge the issue or otherwise aren’t careful about how we respond to such questions then we risk passing our prejudices and lack of understanding on to our children. The way to deal with these situations is to be honest and answer your kids questions in the best way that you can even if the honest answer to their question is that you don’t know. As one of the interviewees says in the article:

…the parent can just say ‘I don’t know exactly, but maybe she had an accident.’

Getting into a snit and complaining to the BBC for daring to give a disabled person a prominent place in the living room is not the way to behave. All that does is underline your lack of parenting skills, your insensitivity, prejudices and general unsuitability for membership of the human race.

I think it is a very positive move  having disabled presenters on children’s tv and welcome any questions my child might have as a result. I reckon explaining about a disability has got to be easier than trying to explain in simple, non-scientific terms why the sky is blue, or how hot the sun is (try googling either question and see how many child-friendly answers you come up with).


One thought on “Awkward Questions

  1. My CBeebies co-watcher hasn’t thought it worth remarking upon yet. But she did ask me this week, while in the bath, which was heavier, her or water. Back to school for me.

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