Zavvi No More

Oh, noes. Bad news for Zavvi. Another high street chain bites the dust.

It is sad to see this chain close but I’m not surprised. Even before the current recession Zavvi was becoming less and less of a music store suffering (as they all are) from the growth in internet-based music sales. They also suffered from what I think of as The Chart Syndrome, meaning that all you saw on display inside was chart after chart of the top 20 this and top 30 that – not very attractive to those of us who aren’t into chart music…

And that’s the problem for traditional music sellers. They need to carry actual stock in the form of CDs, etc, rather than just a digital copy that can be download millions of times. As a result it makes sense for them to only carry a stock of items that will sell – i.e. the popular new stuff in the charts. So people who are looking for a wider range of music can’t get it in Zavvi, look elsewhere and find that not only does iTunes, eMusic, Napster or whoever, have chart stuff but it also has that hard to come by experimental progressive post-rock album you’ve been hunting for.Zavvi


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