Lighten Up

I see from this QI News article (reposted from The Telegraph) that some particularly humourless individuals are upset by remarks made on QI about Lady Thatcher.

For what it’s worth, I thought that the remarks were extremely funny! In response to a picture that made Lady Thatcher look particulary scary, Phil Jupitus shouted “Burn the witch!”. I laughed. Earlier when Jo Brand cracked her Epilady hair remover joke, I laughed uproariously.

I just think that public figures living, dead and unwell have got to expect to be made fun off. Sometimes the fun will be fair and at other times not. If you can’t deal with it get out of the public eye. If you’re the kind of sad hat that is offended by humour then turn your tv off – that little red button is the ultimate in censorship! If you’re Lord Tebbitt, build yourself a time machine and transport yourself back to Victorian London where you’ll doubtless feel more at home. To whoever thinks that Jo Brand wouldn’t talk about her mother in the same way she spoke about Lady Thatcher: what colour is the sky on your world? Jo Brand doesn’t pull punches when taking the mickey out of anyone!



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