God Of The Gapless

Once again I find myself lamenting my iPod’s inability to play tracks gaplessly. To some that’s just not a big deal, to me it’s a huge bug-bear as I hate the gaps that appear when listening to live recordings, classical music and my vast collection of progressive stuff.

So I’ve revisited Rockbox which I tried out quite some time ago. I was impressed because it played music without gaps but went off it after a while because it had a tendency to crash. Today I downloaded the latest version and have now installed it on my iPod. Oh what joy! I am currently listening to Barclay James Harvest’s album, Live Tapes and there’s not a gap to be heard!

As if that isn’t enough, I’d swear that stuff sounds better played using the Rockbox firmware than it does on the standard iPod firmware.

And Rockbox can play FLAC files! Even on my model of iPod!! Having a massive collection of live recordings in FLAC format I can’t wait to try out that feature!!!




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