Kung Fu Panda In The Ruins Of An American Wedding

Sat and watched Kung Fu Panda the other day which turned out to not be quite as good as expected. It had a few funny moments but was perhaps too much of a kid’s movie.

Also watched The Ruins which is a much more grown-up affair. It’s by no means an award winner but it was very watchable. There were some very tense moments and a couple of decent jump-inducing scenes. It was gory in places and the gore was fairly convincing – this added to the tension and cringe-factor of the scenes in which the male lead had his “medical student” hat on.

But the crowning entry in this weekend’s film-fest was American Pie: The Wedding. It was the unrated version of the movie that we watched and it was very funny indeed. There’s a bit of nudity, a lot of swearing and a fiar bit of sexual innuendo. So not really one for the kids…


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