Politicians Suck

How can you tell that a politician is lying? asks the old joke. And we all know the answer:

His lips are moving!

A report has been released which according to the BBC indicates that:

Onshore wind projects offer the best economic and community benefit to the Western Isles

In this regard Jim Mather said:

We want all areas of Scotland to be able to fully harness our vast potential for cheap, clean and green electricity.

Maximising that potential brings economic and community benefits and the people of the Western Isles are no different in wanting to use their natural resources to build a sustainable economy.

In that case why did the gormless moron knock back the Lewis Wind Power scheme in it’s entirety? If he was genuinely committed to assuring an economic future for these islands he should have established a dialogue that sought to adjust the proposal so that it complied with European requirements.

Also, he would have done more than he did to prevent the closure of Lighthouse Caledonia. It may well have been inevitable that LC would go but as Enterprise minister Mather should have put up more of a fight.

Meanwhile, Alex Salmond made a complete arse of his attempt to pass a budget this week, a failing compounded by his finance boob’s insulting attempt to bribe the Greens at the last minute with an offer of an extra £11 million. And yes, bribe is the correct term, i.e. offering a payment in return for favours or influence!

Salmond then made himself look even worse by failing to show any maturity and having a tantrum of which any toddler would be proud.

Relative calm has now fallen and it seems that actions have been taken (pill or suppository, I wonder) and concessions made in order to allow the budget to be passed second time round. But I still don’t think I see how the SNP are going to pay for their planned spend of £33 billion.

I also see from the same BBC article that Annabel Goldie (Tory) said:

I am glad that Labour and the Lib Dems seem to have come to their senses.

What can you say? I mean Tory and SNP ideals are so closely related that it makes perfect sense for her to side with them?!?!?

Politicians suck!


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