Moron Government IT

It is very seldom that I agree with anything that the Tory party has to say but in the case of capping government IT expenditure I think they’ve got the right idea. Huge sums of money could be saved by using smaller IT companies to build systems and even more can be saved by moving to open source development and operating systems. In my experience, smaller companies tend to deliver more efficient systems more quickly than their larger counterparts. What is more their smaller size slashes costs without compromising quality because the smaller operator knows that to survive and build a reputation they need to do a good job.

On the other hand, many big organisations really don’t care enough about the standard of what they deliver because all they are interested in is the big fat pay check that will keep their investors, directors and an army of employees in the manner that they rarely deserve – and to them government contracts are easy money because when it comes to IT governments haven’t got a clue and equate big firms  and big money with good results.

In case anyone thinks I’m giving too much credit to the Tories in this case, I should point out that they’re acting in response to a report prepared by the Judge Business School. Any government would be well advised to take on board the suggestions being made!

My apologies for the shocking pun I used in the title of this post.


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