Yet Another Database

Why are governments so hung up on databases? They’re obsessed with recording our details in as many different places as possible but they never get it right!

In 2o years in the IT industry I can’t remember hearing about a publicly funded database that was deliverd on time, on budget and that did what it was supposed to do. It would seem that the latest database, ContactPoint – a child protection database, is no different having cost £224 million and having been branded as:

another expensive data disaster waiting to happen

I can understand the reasons for wanting to  record information about at-risk children and to make sure that those who need access to that information have access. But our government does not have a particularly good record when it comes to keeping data secure, so what happens when some daft git leaves a copy of this latest database on a train? And is it really necessary for 390,000 people to have access to that database? How long will it be before one of them screws it all up by getting confused about which John Smith is which?

And they’re making plans for another database to keep a register of the 11 million people in England who work with childern. Even if such a database is necessary can the country afford to sink millions of pounds into its creation now that we are 6 months into a recession and have already given £37 billion to the profligate wbankers responsible for ballsing up our economy?

Finally, how long will it be before some Westminster-based eejit decides we need a database of all the other databases?!?!


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