Bunkered? Pass Me That Sand Wedge!

What on earth are the Isle Of Harris Golf Club playing at?

They have applied for a grant of £75,000 from SportScotland but it looks like they will not get it because they don’t open the course on Sunday.

Open the course on a Sunday and accept the grant money. Tourists who are visiting the islands will be grateful for the extra access to a popular facility, possibly extending their stay by a day or two and spending money in hotels, local shops, etc., whilst they do. With the chance to play on both days at the weekend I’m prepared to bet their are a hell of a lot of locals (church or no church) who’d play an extra round or two, paying their dues in the process. Let’s face it, our struggling island economy needs every penny it can get!

Those who don’t want to play golf on a Sunday don’t have to. Those who object to the course opening on Sunday on religious grounds need to be more tolerant and accepting of the desires of others.

With luck SportScotland’s actions do represent the thin end of the wedge and will make people here wake up to the fact that the islands are no longer a sabbatarian backwater!

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