New Dark Ages

Just read the latest about the latest papal babble on the BBC site in which the Pope attacks the blurring of gender and at the same time confirms how deeply mired in darkness his ideas are.

Does the Pope really believe that humanity is at risk of destroying itself by studying gender and trying to understand that it is just not as clear cut as a man-woman split? It would seem that he does and I see that as an indication that he as somewhat lost the plot.

But that is not surprising given that the Catholic church has a somewhat confused position regarding homosexuality. It’s position seems to imply that though homosexuality is not sinful, it is sinful to commit a homosexual act. I’m not sure how the hell that works but it seems like a Vatican-sponsored get-out-of-jail-free card for a gay priest, as it implies that he can still be a priest and enter paradise as long as he has never acted on his urges. How convenient!

I think it is about time the Pope accepted that his biblically defined and blinkered view does not match reality – it’s that Galileo thing all over again! He really needs to understand that homosexuality is as real as heterosexuality and that repression and denial of either is a more real source of danger.

As is the damage that humanity is doing to the environment! If we don’t do something about the environment then we will find ourselves in a state of clear and present danger that may well end with our self-destruction. The Pope should give more attention to that real issue if he wants to be relevant and do something beneficial for the world.


One thought on “New Dark Ages

  1. Hi there,

    There’s a typo at the beginning of the post, look for “pop”.

    Yeah, the Pope’s pronouncements are no better or worse than anything a random man in the street could say. His observations are unfortunately illogical and strange.

    With religious nutters, I like to look at who they are damning, and then substitute another word.

    “Pope Benedict XVI has said that saving humanity from Asians or Asian behaviour is just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction.”

    Kind of helps put things in to perspective.

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