What Happens In Vegas, The Eye, The Bank Job

This weekend’s viewing fair consisted of the following:

What Happens In Vegas – an enjoyable comedy romp featuring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz. Some nice jokes, a little bit of slapstick and a dash of romance. Worth watching but nothing to get too  excited about.

The Eye – remake of the Hong Kong horror, Jian Gui. Haven’t seen the original but suspect it may well be the better of the two as The Eye didn’t really have that much to offer. No plot surprises and not much that makes you jump either – more of a thriller than a chiller (but not that much).

The Bank Job – the best of these three, in my opinion, sees Jason Statham talked into raiding a bank vault as part of an attempt by the UK secret service to recover some incriminating photos of a member of the Royal family. Its based on actual events which, if accurate to any degree, do not paint anyone involved in a favourable light. The crooks are nasty and very vicious, the cops either crooked or inept, the government men seedy and self-serving (as if!!!) and the spies not that bright.

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