Don’t Ask Me No Questions

Well hasn’t there been a lot of whining by MPs in the wake of Damian Green’s arrest in connection with leaked government information. What a shame.

Actually, it’s not a shame at all!

It’s high time that MPs realised that they are not above the law. If an enquiry by the police points in the direction of an MP then that MP should be held accountable, even if it means his or her arrest. Even if they are making information available that they feel the public has a right to know. Besides they may be wrong (let’s face it MPs have been wrong before) about the information they are so keen to get into the public domain but we all know that the excuse about the public’s right to know is spin anyway. MPs who leak information are not genuinely concerned about the public and our right to know – their real motive is to embarrass the government of the day and score points for their side!

But I digress. The reason behind all the bleating coming out of Westminster is that Damian Green’s arrest is the thin edge of the wedge. If he can be arrested and investigated then it could happen to another and another and another, etc. That’s what the MPs don’t like – the fact that they could all be investigated for leaking and, let’s face it, MPs are about as leak-free as your average colander.



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