Need For Speed

I have been a happy Firefox user for a long time now but lately that happiness is being eroded. It seems that I am not alone because more and more people are finding that the latest version of Firefox can take 40-50 seconds to start. Even on a pretty fast PC! That is not good news when Internet Explorer starts alomst instantly as does new kid on the block Google Chrome. Admittedly IE benefits from having many of the components it used pre-loaded when Windows starts but that was never an issue in the past – Firefox still started pretty quickly without the benefits of pre-loading.

I did some Googling to see if I could find an answer to this problem but just found lots of other disgruntled Firefox users who are struggling with the same issue. In a few forums the start-up problem is being blamed on Firefox add-ons but that doesn’t add up for me. I hardly use any add-ons, all those I do use are compatible with the latest version of Firefox, and they never slowed things down this much before. Other forums say it’s because of the automatic check for updates being performed at start-up but that’s one of the first things I disable any time I install or update. A few sites claim that the Firefox developers have screwed something up in their rush to release the current version – I sense the ring of truth in that claim.

Anyhow I’m prepared to wait a while and see if this start-up delay is resolved by an upcoming release. But last night I downloaded Google Chrome and was immediately impressed by a) how fast it starts up, and b) how quickly it loads web pages – it is very fast indeed. It lacks add-on support, which has always been the biggest plus in Firefox’s favour, but this has been promised for a later release. If not, well, Chrome is waiting in the wings so get your act together Firefox!!!

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