Wanted, Deception & Rec

Watched a triplet of new(ish) movies on DVD over the weekend:

Wanted – another comic book comes to the screen and does so with a bit of a bang. Lots of impressive effects and action sequences although not that much substance. James McAvoy was very good as the hero of the piece though all the other player’s characters lacked dimension. Fun to watch but very much a popcorn affair.

Deception – a bit more involved and starring another Brit, Ewan McGregor, and Hugh Jackman (who plays his part with some relish). It’s a pretty reasonable thriller though there weren’t many surprises despite a few twists in the tale. Worth watching but perhaps not worth keeping.

Rec – which was the pick of the three and the one I’d recommend. It’s a Spanish horror, with English subtitles, which captures the events that unfold when a tv reporter and her cameraman go on a ride-along with the local fire department. There are elements of demonic possession and the zombie genre in this one and it’s shot in a sort of Blair Witch style – with lots of shaky camera, dark claustrophobic rooms and passages, night-vision sequences, etc. There is a bit of gore (less than I expected), a lot of tension (more than I expected), a few very unnerving images and some scares that actually made me jump – something I find to be a bit of rarity these days. There’s already an English language remake of this one available (Quarantine) which I’ll check out at a later date.


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