The Great Radio Controversy?

A few days ago, the world was doomed to a slow financial death. The banks and stock markets were crumbling, the value of property was plummeting, the dollar was beating the crap out of the pound and we were all looking into the abyss of financial ruin and mass unemployment.

But now it seems all those threats have receded. Are our financial futures now secure?

Not at all. It’s just that the media have moved on to tackle something of even greater moment. Something that we all need to know about urgently, that we need to be updated on continuously.

What could it be? The threat of war? The emergence of an undiscovered virus and the risk of a pandemic outbreak? The discovery of an asteroid on a collision course with the Earth?

Not a bit of it! None of these things matter any more now that a couple of radio presenters have gone and done something really bloody stupid. That ongoing saga actually got more coverage this morning than the latest developments in the Congo!!!

If that is the level that news broadcasters have now reached then its not just Russell Brand and the controller of BBC Radio 2 that should be resigning. The whole bloody lot of them should be kicked out the door and their combined salaries used to do some good in the world!


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