Raving And Drooling

I see that the leader of the catholic church in Scotland has kicked off with another ill-informed rant about the new Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill. As ever he throws out words like “Nazi”, “grotesque”, “horrifying” in an attempt to scare the faithful into thinking that this type of scientific research is a BAD THING.

What a goon!

I also find I need to take issue with remarks made by Jim Sheridan MP. Yes, the cardinal’s remarks have little resemblance to reality but I think that “winding people up” IS “consistent with the teachings”, or at least the modern day approach of the church.

Finally, I note that the new Scottish Secretary, Jim Murphy says:

The Cardinal is more than entitled to his opinions – I don’t agree with some of the specifics – but I have enormous personal respect for him and other church leaders in Scotland.

Mmm, “enormous personal respect” sounds awfully like a euphemism for no respect at all…



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