Man United 3, Celtic 0

In all honesty, I didn’t expect anything other than a Man United win in Celtic’s Champion’s League fixture last night. I had hoped that the match officials would do a good job of refereeing the game and that they wouldn’t be taken in by any theatrical antics. As it happened, the antics were at a minimum but the officials were totally shit!

Both of Berbatov’s goals were clearly scored from an offside position. Wayne Rooney was clearly onside when his first goal was disallowed. I know that United were the better side (they could have scored 4 of 5 legitimate goals) but when the officials are so bad, what chance does any team have?

Over the course of the game Celtic didn’t play too badly but they made too many basic errors and conceded possession far too easily. And, yet again, one of our key players totally failed to perform in a vital game. I won’t name him but he was replaced by Paul Hartley in the 61st minute. Sean Maloney came off the bench at the same time as Hartley and brought some much needed hustle and bustle to the performance but at 2-0 down there was never really going to be much of a comeback.

As for Man United, well, even though they weren’t firing on all cylinders they still played frighteningly well. Ronaldo still isn’t back to the form he was in last season but Rooney is and his pairing with Berbatov is starting to work very well indeed. Despite being off the pace in the Premiership, I’d say United look like they could well retain the Champion’s League title this season. By Christmas I reckon they’ll have hauled themselves to the top of the Premiership and will quite possibly retain that title too.

While United head off in pursuit of those ambitions, it looks like Celtic can look forward to battling with AaB Aalborg to see who grabs the UEFA Cup spot in their Champion’s League group. However my gut feeling is that Celtic will not be enjoying European football after Christmas this time around.


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