You Fool No One

My opinion of Alex Salmond continues to fall. Last night I watched him spin Gordon Brown’s claim that the UK is stronger together into an attack by Gordon Brown that implied that the current financial crisis was in some way the fault of the movement for Scottish Independence.

What an ass!

Especially when you bear in mind that two Scottish banks are being propped up by the lion’s share of the £37 billion of UK tax payer’s money used for the financial bail out, I want to know where the hell Alex Salmond would have got the money if an independent Scotland were faced with funding the bail out on it’s own? Especially as he is looking to Westminster for a further £1 billion to support the Scottish economy.

Never mind that it is not long since Alex Salmond was holding Iceland up as an example of great financial success!!!

Does Salmond really think that people can be fooled so easily?


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